AeB: Woman on Fire

AeB became a regular on the LA scene when a girl moved to the City of Angels with a dream to perform, whether it be covers or her own songs, she’s proven to everyone that has had the pleasure to listen that she’s a musical force of nature.

She started from an early age. Her father is a musician so the connection is in her blood. As long as she can remember, music has been apart of her everyday existence, a form of identification that felt natural.

If you’ve already listened to her EP, you can understand how talented she really is. AeB combines the classical sounds of the past and molds it with other genres. Her creative process begins with jumping into a new genre, such as Americana and Classic Rock, and getting to the point of mastering it. She is forever a student of music and that’s true artistry. It’s no wonder she’s modeled her methods after the popular Beck and Radiohead, always finding a way to create a brand new sound and not settling for what sells.

It’s a fact that her single “Repetition” is about as catchy as they come, but the true magic comes from the lyrics. It embodies her experiences first moving to L.A. to pursue her dream. She writes with meaning and this song in particular was a coping mechanism for working to support herself in a new city that’s not to forgiving financially. If that’s not relatable for any up and coming artists, I don’t know what is.

During her time in L.A. she’s developed friendships with a few well known names. She was actually friends with the late Dan Gordon-Levitt, brother to the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and they would have “open collaborating” parties where it was a requirement to participate. After Dan’s passing, she and Joseph wrote a song and performed it on (The boy’s production company) paying tribute to Dan and the amazing time the had at those parties in particular. So incredibly touching!

Now that you are sold on how phenomenal AEB is as an artist, and a person – here are some dates to go see the magic for yourself:
Friday August 21st @ 7:00pm – Tribute to 50 Years of the Doors – Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA

Friday August 28th @ 7:00pm – Showcase – Muse on 8th, Los Angeles, CA

Monday August 31st @ 7:00pm – The Translucent Ham Sandwich – The Mint, Los Angeles, CA

Thursday September 10th @ 7:00pm – Private Party – Mission Viejo Country Club, Mission Viejo, CA

Saturday October 3rd @ 6:00pm – AeB at Street Food Cinema – Victory Park, Pasadena, CA

Monday October 5th @ 7:00pm – The Medlock-Krieger All Star Jam Benefiting St Jude- Moorpark Country Club, Moorpark, CA

If you want to keep up with this supernova of talent, stay updated:



Twitter & Instagram: @Aebness



Stay Tuned,


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