From Another Planet: The Most Hardcore In The Midwest

From Another Planet.

Their name says it all. Creating a sound, in a genre that is widely portrayed in a singular manor, that is so unique you’ll reconsider your “I like everything but that scream-o stuff” rule. To know more about this band, let’s start from the beginning.

Three of the guys (Marcus, Nick, and Jesse) have been playing together since they were twelve years old in cover bands, pop punk, etc. In 2010-2011, they welcomed Shayne into their lineup and in 2014 the last member, Michael joined, to forge From Another Planet. Bandmates Assembled!

Working on their debut album, An Ever-Changing Perspective, they channeled their influences from Between the Buried and The Contortionists to the classic Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Such a wide range of influences to assist in the creation of their own sound which is the real key to their future success. Their sound is a mixture of post rock elements that cater to the “moshable” folks and atmospheric punk rock niche that basically changes your perspective on life (I see what you did there guys). Their guitar solos are different when compared to most bands, not focusing on the technical aspect rather looking for that effective chord progression. Don’t get me started on the vocals, such magic!

Now, every band must have some ridiculous “On The Road” story right? Well, Marcus had eaten continuously eaten a whole pizza, chicken wings, etc while drinking a ton and while driving overnight they stopped in a parking lot for some shut-eye. The boys woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of horrific heaving. That’s what happens when you party too hard, man.

From Another Planet are not only relatable through their music, they’re a great band of guys who understand the nature of music and the profound effect it has on us.

Here are some dates to keep on your calendar to see these incredibly talented guys: THE SUMMER OF SHRED!

8/28: Chillicothe, OH – Wagner’s

8/29: Port Huron, MI – DM3 Fest

8/30: Lansing, MI – The Loft

9/1: Ft Wayne, IN – Skeletunes

9/2: Joliet, IL – Bada Brew

9/3: La Crosse. WI – The Warehouse

9/4: Des Moines, IA – TBA

9/5: Omaha, NE: TBA

9/6: Kansas City, MO – TBA

9/8: Little Rock, AR – TBA

Want more dates? Can’t get enough From Another Planet? Check out their social media and see if they’re coming to a city near you!



Twitter & Instagram: @fapohio

It was such a pleasure getting the inside scoop! I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond excited to see what From Another Planet will do next!

Stay Tuned,


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